You are the game!

The arena caters for up to twenty players who will form into two groups of red and blue teams or alternatively you can play a solo "free for all" game. The object is to tag your opponents as often as you can yet shield yourself from hits.

 With visible laser beams and sound effects it's the nearest thing to Star Wars you can get.

In a team game defend your coloured base whilst attempting to hit the enemy base to collect higher points.

Use you laser as a sighting tool 

The duration of the game is 18 minutes.

On exiting the arena your phaser will be scanned automatically and all the game data will be collated in the computer.

Your printed score sheet will tell you how many times you were hit, where you were hit and by who along with the final score. 

Laser Blast is the ideal event for team building, corporate events or birthdays.

Open Monday to Saturday

5.00 per person per game

To book Phone 679399 or 457140


 to tag your opponents vest by hitting  any of the panels on the vest. But do beware, you lose points if you hit your own team players.

Your score points will vary subject to the part of the vest you tag.

When you take a direct hit you are out of action for 10 seconds. Use your shield to make an escape or photon burst to tag a cluster of opponents.

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